Skillsbook is a well-established company in Australia that provides competency-based frameworks linked to existing national, international and cross-industry qualification frameworks. Ubiquity and Skillsbook are connecting Ubiquity’s competencies from programs and courses to current qualification standards to enable students to get UbiCert Global Standard Credentials™, recognised qualifications in the context they need them, and to personalise their learning pathway for the career or calling of their choice. The partnership is also integrating the full range of student learning experiences in a professional online portfolio.

Ubiquity is a Global Learning Partner with AIESEC, the biggest student-run organization in the world. In that role we are delivering a professional competency-based talent management system that enables AIESEC to identify the competencies needed for the various roles in the organization, recruit people that fit, train them in any missing competencies and track competence development over their time in AIESEC. AIESECers are then able to get badges and points towards professional or academic credentials from the competencies they develop in their everyday work, and top them up with extra courses.

The Bildung Academie is a 9-month intensive Dutch integral learning program for students, helping them develop the competencies and qualities needed for a rapidly changing world. It includes knowledge, self-mastery and project development. Ubiquity is providing digital content for the program, access to the online platform, and is certifying the program as a Master of Arts (MA).

EUROTAS is a consortium of schools and practitioners of transpersonal psychology in 32 countries in the EU.

Socionext are providing the core program for Ubiquity’s Impact! Social Entrepreneurship Pathway and Ubiquity developing the online platform for the Socionext community.

Integral Transpersonal Institute is a network based in Italy of transpersonal practitioners with the aim of developing and promoting an integral transpersonal approach in the fields of health, well-being, personal evolution and education. ITI is co-developing Bachelor’s and Master’s programs with Ubiquity in Integral Transpersonal Psychology.

MasterPeace is an award-winning global grassroots non-profit and non-governmental peace movement, currently existing in more than 40 countries around the world. Launched in 2011, MasterPeace mobilizes people around the world to use their talent and energy for peace building and togetherness, through music, sports, arts and dialogue. Ubiquity provides programs to support MasterPeace’s clubs develop their peace projects.