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We seek to make available to our students a diversity of ancient and modern wisdom traditions, together with the new sciences, in a spirit of intellectual discernment and creative inquiry.



Choose from a wide selection of Nano, Micro and Trimester courses including live webinars.

In Person Learning Journeys



To harmonize body, mind, heart and soul in a single learning experience.

Each student is individually mentored and supported by our Dean of Graduate Studies.


Jan. 8 – Dec. 10

The Great Books

The Great Books
Live Webinar with Jim Garrison, Caroline Myss, Andrew Harvey and Gyorgyi Szabo

April 12 – May 17

Energetics of Art, Live Webinar

Energetics of Art 
Live Webinar with Calen Rayne and Laura Esculcas

June 30 – July 5

Dissertation Writing and Research Methods

Dissertation Writing and Research Methods
In-Person Learning Journey with Gyorgyi Szabo
Chartres, France

July 7 – 13

The Cosmic Dance of Astronomica

Dance of Astronomica
In-Person Learning Journey featuring Rick Tarnas, Caroline Myss, Linda Tucker and others
Chartres, France

July 14 – 20

The Mystics of Paris

Mystics of Paris
In-Person Learning Journey with Andrew Harvey, Caroline Myss and Gyorgyi Szabo
Paris, France

August 12 – 19

Madonna Rising

The Wisdom School Approach

Our Pedagogy

The Wisdom School has a deep dedication to in-person and online holistic learning that emphasizes the heart as much as the head, artistic expression as much as intellectual rigor, the body as much as the soul.

Our courses seek to bring balance through diversity, harmony through dialogue, union through polarity.


In addition to globally accessible and affordable online learning, our in-person Learning Journeys take students to specific sites of historical, cultural or spiritual interest. We begin each day with Sacred Practice, followed by an intellectually stimulating morning seminar, balanced with an equal amount of time for artistic expression in the afternoon, and concluding with an Integration session at the end of the day in which the students synthesize and process the events and experiences of the day.

Academic Requirements

At the graduate level:

  • Write 20-25 page papers following each course.
  • APA style of writing in order to ensure consistency.
  • Papers should indicate your knowledge of material learned, as well as how it has affected you personally. We encourage artistic expression as part of post papers.

See Student Handbook


At Ubiquity, each student pays for their tuition as they proceed.

BA students
$100 per credit unit

MA students
$200 per credit unit

Doctoral students
$300 per credit unit

The only additional fees are associated with the doctoral degrees to cover Major Advising stipends related to the dissertation process.

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We trace our lineage back to Plato’s Academy, founded by Plato in 387 BC. It was Plato, who, with his student Aristotle, further developed the seven liberal arts initially conceived by Pythagoras, which became the basis of education in western civilization and increasingly today, world education.

We also trace our lineage back to the mystery schools of antiquity and even further, back to the shamans of Central Asia and through them back to the spirituality of the Great Mother. All lineages, of whatever origin, ultimately emanate out of the Great Mother. It is in this spirit that we embrace all traditions, East and West, North and South, ancient and modern, and all within the context of a living, breathing universe in which all life has its natural and sacred place.

The liberal arts form the foundation for all Wisdom School and Ubiquity courses, and are taught each year at Ubiquity’s Chartres Academy in Chartres, France.